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  The composite Ascendant in the signes

The Composite Ascendant in the Signs

As we mentioned in The Composite Chart, the composite Ascendant not only reveals energies that are most obvious to others (i.e. the couple's overall "image"), but also the couples' automatic response to the day-to-day environment. Do they jump right into new experiences, or are they more cautious? It also shows how the couple copes with daily ups and downs. Do they confront issues immediately? Do they talk things through logically?

In natal astrology, there is always a danger of over-identifying with the image one projects to others through the Ascendant. This is also the case with the composite Ascendant (as well as the composite Midheaven).

Here are some generalized descriptions of the basic energies of the different composite Ascendant signs.

Composite Ascendant in Aries. You are an especially active couple, and you come across as self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Reactions to each other and to the environment are immediate. There is little patience when it comes to dealing with issues. You are a take-charge, fiery couple with a "just do it" attitude. You are a couple that blazes new paths. You go your own way, and you could leave others feeling a bit left out! Frustrations in the relationship can be hard to tolerate, and you may find that you face off with each other frequently. Compromise can be a big challenge.

Composite Ascendant in Taurus. You come across as a somewhat traditional and practical couple. You tend to be reliable, and others know they can count on you. Your "image" to others is neither flashy nor glamorous, but you do come across as a solid couple. You tend to think in terms of constancy and the long term. You don't appreciate sweeping changes, which can throw you off-center. Your relationship can too easily enter a rut, as the main focus is on security and stability.

Composite Ascendant in Gemini. Your immediate, instinctive responses to each other and to daily stimuli are largely mental. You are a couple that thinks, communicates, and analyzes. Together, you are somewhat restless--even nervous--as you inspire curiosity in one another. Adaptability is the hallmark of your relationship. You are flexible with one another, and you give each other much freedom. As a couple, you are on the move, friendly, and sociable. Rather than coming across as stable and constant, you appear to be changeable. Your responses to one another are rational and logical, and as such, you don't come across as an especially intimate couple.

Composite Ascendant in Cancer. Your natural responses to each other and as a couple to your environment are instinctive and emotional rather than intellectual. You are a security-conscious couple, and sweeping changes make you feel insecure. However, you are capable of going through a lot together, and the longer you're with each other, the stronger your relationship becomes, as you value longevity, familiarity, and comfort. Moody reactions to each other are something to watch for. Instead of directly dealing with issues as they come up, you tend towards keeping things inside and perhaps sulking. Commitment to each other comes quite easily.

Composite Ascendant in Leo. As a couple, you project a confident, proud, and warm aura. You have a greater than average need to be creative together. Generally, you are noble with one another. You tend to expect the best from one another, which helps your relationship along tremendously. You are gracious with one another, warm and loving, and compassionate. Still, you are possessive of one another. Pride can keep you from addressing very important problems in your relationship, so do watch for this. Generally, you tend to joke around with each other, make one another smile, and treat each other with respect and plenty of attention! Both of you need extra attention, romantic or otherwise, in order to keep things alive and vital. This is not a relationship that is impersonal, by any means. A bit of drama colors your interactions--always!

Composite Ascendant in Virgo. You come across as a rather unassuming couple. You project a practical and reliable image. No matter what makes up the "inner workings" of your relationship, you come across as undemonstrative. Others may think you are together for practical or intellectual reasons rather than emotional ones because of the image you project. You need to be careful not to pick away at each other when problems arise, as you tend to find fault rather easily in an effort to fix things. You are inclined to focus on details rather than the big picture, and this can make you quite susceptible to the tiniest of changes in your environment. Nervousness and tension can be the result. You may fuss over each other, and you do whatever you can to make the partnership work. You are one of the most helpful couples around.

Composite Ascendant in Libra. You are a likeable couple that projects an image of harmony, politeness, style, class, and balance. Your automatic responses to each other are diplomatic. You need to maintain a feeling of peace and balance, but the process involved in order to achieve this harmony can be lengthy! Weighing the pros and cons is natural to you. As a result, decision-making as a unit can be challenging, as you always see the other side of the coin. Watch that you don't develop a tit for tat attitude towards one another. Your goal is to be equals, but too much emphasis on balance can become challenging, as life isn't always fair. Another way of looking at it is that things do tend to balance themselves out over time, even if they seem imbalanced at the moment. You are a real couple. True partnership is a goal.

Composite Ascendant in Scorpio. As a couple, you project an aura of depth and intensity. By all means, this is not a superficial relationship! You have the power of determination and strength on your side, and passion is your middle name. Whether it's passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level. Do your best to avoid the shadow side of this position: manipulative tactics, brooding, and suspiciousness. Issues of possessiveness, jealousy, attachment, and intimacy are faced almost on a daily basis. This relationship is sure to leave its mark on both of you as it challenges you to face your own inner power through your interactions with each other.

Composite Ascendant in Sagittarius. As a couple, you project an open-minded, fun-loving, and adventurous image. Together, you are perhaps more optimistic than you are individually. If you are not "on the go", you can be quite restless. This relationship inspires you to move, learn, and search. There may be some resistance to commitment, as Sagittarius is a sign that demands a certain amount of personal freedom. With your sights set high, you may not be very good with the details of daily existence. Not the most reliable couple around, you don't like to be bound by schedules and rules.

Composite Ascendant in Capricorn. There is an aura of wisdom around you as a couple. You are willing to go the distance, and you are patient about it as well. You are a reliable, steadfast, and steady couple. You are not a demonstrative couple (in public) and others may think that your relationship may be more like a business than a romance as a result. You are not the types of people to fly off the handle at one another. You are more inclined to work things through with class and style. You act responsibly towards each other, and towards those around you.

Composite Ascendant in Aquarius. Your first and instinctive reaction is to be objective and rational towards each other, and towards others. There is an aloof quality to your aura as a couple. You are both intuitive and practical. Part of you embraces change, and another part resists it. Friendship is very important to you. You tend to give each other personal freedom and to treat each other as friends above all else.

Composite Ascendant in Pisces. You are warm, tender, and sympathetic towards one another, ultimately giving each other the benefit of the doubt. There is a dreamy aura about you. Others may even envy you as a result, but rarely do you inspire bad feelings. Kindness and good humor dominate the energies of this relationship. You are not ones to fight or put each other down when times are tough. There may be a secretive quality to your relationship. Idealizing each other is great unless it's taken to an extreme. You easily put the blinders on and gloss over the bad stuff. Although you may dream a lot together, putting plans into action is your weak point.


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