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  Sun to Venus Transits

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit 

Sun, New Moon and solar eclipse conjunct Venus.
Full Moon and lunar eclipse opposite Venus.

Sun conjunct Venus shines the light on your love relationships and your creativity. You are personifying the Venus qualities of love and affection, so you can expect this from others who are attracted to your friendly warmth. You will feel more sociable than usual so new love and friendships are more likely, and any new relationship that starts now should work out nicely. As Venus also rules money, you could also attract material goodies just as you attract nice people. Venus does have a reputation for being a but lazy and indulgent, and with the power of the Sun lighting up your Venus, any natural tendencies in this area are highlighted. So partying and spending are favored now, but not to gluttonous excess or the Sun will burn

Sun Sextile Venus Transit 

Sun, New Moon and solar eclipse sextile Venus
Full Moon and lunar eclipse trine Venus.

Sun sextile Venus creates opportunities for love and money because you energetically express love and affection through your personality. You can take the initiative in these areas and expect good reactions and support from others because of your positive attitude and loving nature. Being proactive in relationships by simply giving love can heal any old wounds. A hug and a kiss may be all it takes to put any dramas behind you with loved ones. This is also a favorable time to get proactive on financial matters. Negotiations and business dealings should be amicable.

Sun Square Venus Transit 

Sun, New Moon and solar eclipse square Venus.
Full Moon and lunar eclipse square Venus.

Sun square Venus gives the extra push needed to spice up your love life. There may be an underlying tension inside that forces you out of your comfort zone so that you make more of an effort to have some fun, or find pleasure through meeting friends or  interacting with loved ones. There is a need for love and affection like the other Sun to Venus transits, but with the square you have to make the effort by first giving the love. Things will only turn ugly if you use people to satisfy you need for pleasure, or if you spend too much money on things for short term enjoyment. The need to express Venus energy can also be positively channeled though art and craft.

Sun Trine Venus Transit 

Sun, New Moon and solar eclipse trine Venus.
Full Moon and lunar eclipse sextile Venus.

Sun trine Venus creates an all round good feeling where you just want to enjoy life and be around friends and family. This is an ideal time for all sorts of relationship but especially for bonding closer with a partner or for starting a new love relationship. You feel beautiful and affectionate and attract the same. A good time to beautify the home or office, and to splash out on nice things like jewelry, clothes, and spoil yourself with a makeover. Financial conditions should be in good shape.

Sun Opposite Venus Transit 

Sun, New Moon and solar eclipse opposite Venus.
Full Moon and lunar eclipse conjunct Venus.

Sun opposite Venus can put a strain on love relationships because any tensions building lately will come to the surface. A difference over the expectations of each of you is likely the cause of any dissatisfaction. This transit does favor sorting out any issues because you are in touch with how you feel and can express how much you love or miss someone. If you are alone at this time it may be more challenging because there is a greater need for love and affection than usual. Compensating for any loneliness by indulging in luxuries may only give short term relief and put a strain on finances. A better option would be contacting someone for a chat or getting out among people, even trying your hand at some creative activity.
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